The Virtual Barre Summit featured some of the best educators in the barre, pilates, and yoga fields.  Our 2021 lineup will be announced in late January.


Elisabeth began her barre fitness journey as an associate in Dance Education at the School of the Hartford Ballet
. She became a pioneer leading the Lotte Berk Method (LBM) in New York City, the Hamptons, and Los Angeles, attracting an eager audience looking to adopt a new fitness regimen. After more than two decades, Elisabeth became one of the founding partners at Exhale, where she developed the proprietary barre class as well as the cardio and yoga programs. With her sights set on leading her own classes and training curriculum, Elisabeth started CoreBarreFit in 2019.  She is a sought after authority and expert in the field, frequently appearing as an industry spokesperson on national media as well as an expert presenter at trade events. 


Fred grew up as an active participant in all sports and could always be found on the athletic field. Armed with a BS in Physical Education and Health, Fred embarked on a career teaching phys ed in public school and offering personal training & group fitness instruction at local health clubs. He later joined his wife and partner, Elisabeth (Lis), and the Lotte Berk Method (LBM) team, as the world’s first male barre teacher.
 After nearly two decades with LBM, Fred was offered a new opportunity with Exhale, as one of the founding partners.  Fred co-created the Exhale Barre Teacher Training certification and has been instrumental in training hundreds of teachers.  He now works with Lis at CoreBarreFit, teaching instructors around the world.


Jill Dailey is a true innovator of the dance/barre fitness revolution on the West Coast. A degreed Kinesiologist, Jill became an early trainee of the famed Lotte Berk method. Taking what she learned through the Lotte Berk program in New York City, Jill brought the ballet barre to California. In 2000, Jill opened The Dailey Method in San Francisco’s Marina District. Amassing passionate devotees, The Dailey Method was soon expanding to new studios as an explosive community was born. Jill spends time each year certifying passionate individuals as Master Teachers, keeping The Dailey Method fresh, results-focused, and as authentic as the day it began. In January 2018, Jill launched Basics of Barre by The Dailey Method, a two-day training program that provides a foundation for future teachers.


Tracey Mallett is a world-renowned fitness and wellness expert, best-selling author of Sexy in 6 and Super Fit Mama, and the creator of the hugely popular workouts, bootybarre and bbarreless. Her infectious personality, positive energy and well-choreographed workouts have allowed her to work in roles spanning from television host to author, to personal trainer and creator of a best-selling line of Pilates, dance and fitness-based DVDs. She has been a fitness professional for over 25 years and prides herself on being an innovator in the Pilates, barre and fitness industry.


Tanya Becker is the Co-Founder and creator of the Physique 57 Method. Her passion for fitness began over 25 years ago at The Lotte Berk Method in NYC. In 2006, Physique 57 was born, and they now have 13 studios worldwide, a domestic franchising program, and an ever growing on-demand platform. Tanya has appeared in numerous national TV segments including QVC, HSN, The Today Show, The Martha Stewart Show, Dr. Oz and The Better Show. She has been featured in Vogue, Shape, Redbook, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine and People.


Elite fitness instructor and trainer, Tricia Murphy Madden, began teaching in 1991 and never looked back. She has taught dance and fitness workshops worldwide and is one of the industry's top presenters. She is an American Council on Exercise faculty member and Fitness Director for four health clubs in Seattle, WA. She has developed many highly acclaimed programs, including: Urban Striptease Aerobics, with over 1,750 instructors worldwide; and My Best Friends Workout, a fitness program designed for pet owner to get in shape while walking their pet (sold in pet stores and online nationwide). Between the two programs, she has sold over 50,000 DVD's since 2003.


Ilaria Cavagna is the founder and CEO of FEET-NESS™ - posture from the ground up -, an educational platform that develops an awareness of the work on the feet connected to the rest of the body. The Bachelor of Movement Science achieved in Italy in 1997, the Pilates Certification obtained in NYC with Romana Kryzanowska, and the recent and innovative Soma-Training studies give her an understanding of both the beauty and function of the human body when properly trained. Ilaria is based in NYC and travels worldwide to teach seminars for trainers for Pilates and ELDOA™ Method and of course FEET-NESS™.


Lisa has 35 years of classical ballet training in Ceccetti technique, and studied with Redwood Concert Ballet, San Fransisco Ballet, Santa Barbara Festival Ballet, and Nevada Festival Ballet as a pre-profesional dancer. Additionally, She has been a certified fitness instructor through the state of California since 1999 and has been a certified group fitness instructor with The American Council on Exercise since 2009. Lisa specializes in teaching proper barre technique as well as working with students with injuries as well as prenatal/ postnatal Barre. Lisa is the founder of the first online certification program, Ballerobica, and the creative force behind organizing and bringing the IBBFA Barre Certification Program to the public.